Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Microsoft Blue & Me

Blue&Me is a information & entertainment system that specially designed for Fiat Group cars as a part of Microsoft Auto initiatives and developed in a partnership which was started end of 2004 between Magenti (a Fiat group company) and MSFT. The system is based on modular structure which allows installation and use of uninformed services. The system offers various connectivity options like Bluetooth, USB, Mobile Phones, your personal media player along with hands-free operations allowing you to control all features by voice commands, using speech technology from Nuance Comm With the help of Magneti the system is developed to be compatible with most mobile phones and media players Blue&Me Nav is a next version of the same OS which adds GPS related features.

In india this os and its capabilities are not well known; at the Bologna Motor Show 2009, Fiat presented a new portable navigation unit addition to the Blue&Me system called Blue&Me Map. Exclusive for and to Fiat Professional's light commercial vehicles.